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Order Management

An interruption in the availability of needed forms can cost you in ways that range from increased costs for overnight shipping and staff overtime to strained customer relations and gaps in required documentation.

MED-PASS can help assure you have the forms you need,when you need them.

Monthly Reorder Reminder

For customers that order forms on a regular monthly basis, MED-PASS offers the Monthly Reorder Reminder service. Customers can save money and time with consolidated ordering in many ways that include:

  • Eliminating expensive emergency overnight shipping
  • Reducing staff time required to place, process and receive multiple orders
  • Eliminating staff overtime needed to print overdue medical records
  • Attaining volume freight discounts more easily
  • One less worry for busy staff
Each month, on a date specified by the customer, an order summary for the previous month is faxed or emailed to the customer followed by a customer service call to prompt for a new order.

The Monthly Reorder Reminder service provides an easy way to insure the availability of needed forms, and, best of all, it’s free!

Custom Form Reorder Reminder

For customers that order and receive their entire custom forms inventory, MED-PASS offers the Custom Form Reorder Reminder service.

When a customer fails to reorder a new supply of custom forms it may require a couple weeks or more to produce and ship new forms. And, it may require an expensive production rush charge and overnight shipping to insure availability on an inflexible date like the day(s) you print your medical records.

Based on the customer’s estimated usage of a form, MED-PASS schedules a follow-up call prior to projected depletion of the customer’s forms supply. At that time we provide a new quote for a reorder and approximate ship date. If it is not yet time to reorder, the notification is rescheduled.

The bottom line is, we are committed to helping you keep track of your on-hand forms inventory and insuring prompt reorder to avoid stock shortages. We offer this service with each custom order that ships in entirety to you and, of course, it’s free!