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MED-PASS:  Designing Solutions for Senior Care

In order to best serve our customers, all orders placed after 1PM EST will ship the next business day.

Custom Forms Inventory Management


One of the Many Advantages of Buying Medical Records from MED-PASS!


  • Customers can choose to have their custom forms inventories held by MED-PASS
    at no additional charge.

  • Custom forms may be warehoused for up to 6-12 months from the time an order is printed.
  • Customers are notified when it is time to replenish inventory to initiate prompt reorder and insure no interruption in the availability of needed forms.
  • Inventory status reports are provided on a quarterly basis.
  • The forms are only billed upon release.
  • MED-PASS forms management services are free.

For more details, contact MED-PASS customer service at 800-438-8884.